Circuit Analysis for Complete Idiots: Electrical Engineering for Complete Idiots (Hardcover)

Circuit Analysis for Complete Idiots: Electrical Engineering for Complete Idiots By Joel Gruun Cover Image

Circuit Analysis for Complete Idiots: Electrical Engineering for Complete Idiots (Hardcover)


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In today's world, there's an electronic gadget for everything and inside these gadgets are circuits, little components wired together to perform some meaningful function.

Have you wondered how a led display sign works or how a calculator works or toy cars work? How is it possible All because of electrical circuits. These tiny components when arranged in certain manner can do wonders. Fascinating isn't it? Our fascination with gadgets and reliance on machinery is only growing day by day and hence from an engineering perspective, it is absolutely crucial to be familiar with the analysis and designing of such Circuits, at the very least one should be able to identify components.

Circuit analysis is one of basic subjects in engineering and particularly important for Electrical and Electronics students. So circuit analysis is a good starting point for anyone wanting to get into the field. It is a very easy subject to learn and understand, but for this reason most of us end up taking the subject lightly and therefore misunderstand many key ideas. This will lead to a lot of headache in other subjects. In this book we provide a concise introduction into basic Circuit analysis. A basic knowledge of Calculus and some Physics are the only prerequisites required to follow the topics discussed in the book. We've tried to explain the various fundamental concepts of Circuit theory in the simplest manner without an over reliance on math. Also, we have tried to connect the various topics with real life situations wherever possible. This way even first timers can learn the basics of Circuit theory with minimum effort. Hopefully the students will enjoy this different approach to Circuit Analysis. The various concepts of the subject are arranged logically and explained in a simple reader-friendly language with illustrative figures.

We have covered basic topics extensively and given an introduction to advanced topics like s- domain analysis.

This book will hopefully serve as inspiration to learn Circuit theory, and in turn Electrical engineering in greater depths.

Product Details ISBN: 9781806308309
ISBN-10: 1806308304
Publisher: Joel Gruun
Publication Date: February 28th, 2023
Pages: 200
Language: English