DNA Damage and Micronucleus Frequency Among Tobacco Chewers (Paperback)

DNA Damage and Micronucleus Frequency Among Tobacco Chewers By Rashee Mittal Cover Image

DNA Damage and Micronucleus Frequency Among Tobacco Chewers (Paperback)


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The most annoying thing in our society is the misuse of drugs. This problem is not faced by any particular country; it is emerging as a global problem. Not a single country is free from the nuisance of drug trafficking and drug addiction. All over the world a lot of people use one or another drug, such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy, and tobacco, etc. Among misused drugs, tobacco is by far the most commonly used drug in the world. Easy availability, low prices, and vigorous marketing are responsible for this widespread use of tobacco. A remarkable increase in disposable income has expanded the purchase and consumption of tobacco among Indians. To see the prevalence of tobacco in India different surveys was conducted, which provide population-based data on the use of tobacco. Tobacco is a potential carcinogen and its exposure for a long period leads to the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and thus causing oxidative stress. If the number of ROS is more in a cell than it causes damage to the cell as well as to its DNA. DNA is a Key molecule as it stores all the genetic information needed for the development of human beings. Damage to the DNA generate the lesions on it and if a base is altered, then it promotes breaks in the helix of DNA. The breaks in double strand are lethal to the cells due to loss of genetic information.

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