50 Misconceptions of Sex: A Modern Tantric Practice (Hardcover)

50 Misconceptions of Sex: A Modern Tantric Practice By Alexa Vartman Cover Image

50 Misconceptions of Sex: A Modern Tantric Practice (Hardcover)


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By clarifying 50 common misconceptions, the book explains and teaches a simple practice of intimate mastery. The book brings the physical and mental effects of esoteric tantra within reach of a modern 21st century audience.

There is a universe of intimate tantric practice and transformation waiting for those who dare to go beyond the conventional, the safe and the familiar. Tantric practice transcends greed, shame, confusion, stagnation and frustration by opening a gateway to transformational experiences and events that otherwise require psychedelics or years of meditation.

For over 15 years, Alexa Vartman has been a trailblazer in bringing ancient tantric practices to a modern audience. As founder of The New Tantra, Alexa's workshops have affected thousands of people in over 15 countries. Alexa is a genderfluid person who embraces every kind of expression - from light to dark and from masculine to feminine.

In this book, Alexa shares her unique expertise for the first time with a larger audience, including women, men and anyone in between - regardless of sexual orientation or relationship status.

Be warned: the book is unashamed and outspoken. For adventurous adult audiences with a sense of humor only.

Product Details ISBN: 9781838005610
ISBN-10: 1838005617
Publisher: TNT Education
Publication Date: July 24th, 2020
Pages: 278
Language: English