365 Daily Dares: Micro-Fitness For Everyone from Darebee (Paperback)

365 Daily Dares: Micro-Fitness For Everyone from Darebee Cover Image

365 Daily Dares: Micro-Fitness For Everyone from Darebee (Paperback)


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365 Daily Dares give you a quick but challenging Darebee micro-fitness routine to do each day of the year.

Micro-fitness routines activate your muscles and cardiovascular system and maintain your fitness level for those times when life gets in the way and putting in a full workout or making it to the gym, is just not possible.

Suitable for everyone, micro-fitness workouts are specifically designed to recruit a large number of muscle groups quickly. They constitute additional steps to help take you further in your fitness journey than your current workload or lifestyle allows.

Created with time-constraints in mind each Daily Dare micro-fitness routine can be done quickly:

A muscle map included with each micro-fitness workout routine tells you which muscle groups you are targeting that day.

Try and do each Daily Dare the same time each day so they become a habit. Once you're done, tick the box provided on the page, to mark your progress until the next day. It is that simple and, over the course of 365 days, it helps you achieve more in your health and fitness than you thought was possible.

Product Details ISBN: 9781844810321
ISBN-10: 1844810321
Publisher: New Line Publishing
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2019
Pages: 190
Language: English