The Sicilian Secret Diet Plan (Library 4-color) (Hardcover)

The Sicilian Secret Diet Plan (Library 4-color) Cover Image

The Sicilian Secret Diet Plan (Library 4-color) (Hardcover)


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THE SICILIAN SECRET DIET PLAN is a clinically proven diet and lifestyle plan that helps you restore your intrinsic health and increase your longevity. More good news: you'll enjoy the process.

Written by a noted nutritional cardiologist / integrative medicine physician, with recipes supplied by his wife, also a physician (and a native of Sicily), THE SICILIAN SECRET DIET PLAN is much more than a credible, delicious way to eat well while losing excess weight and fat; it is a complete lifestyle plan that addresses all the elements essential to physical and mental wellness at any age. In the truest sense of the word, it is the "diet" for a good long life.

Using down-to-earth language, the author condenses his years of study of longevity, diet, and the connection between lifestyle and disease to show us how easy-and enjoyable-is to live long and well.

Credible, powerful, eye-opening, and inspiring, the information in THE SICILIAN SECRET DIET PLAN is life-changing. With narrative, sidebars, charts, stories, meal plans and recipes, you will learn how and why:

- Ancient grains reverse heart disease

- Group activities improve mental and physical health

- Angry people have more heart attacks

- When you stretch your body, you stretch your lifespan

- Your environment changes your genes

- Gratitude, forgiveness, and love are the core "feelings" that protect your health

- Exercise affects your health and longevity

- Your gut equals your immunity

- A plant-based diet is an anti-cancer diet

- Sleep has a direct effect on your weight, health, and longevity

- You can eat your way to better health

- And much, much more

Product Details ISBN: 9781899694976
ISBN-10: 1899694978
Publisher: Brick Tower Press
Publication Date: February 19th, 2021
Pages: 310
Language: English