Artificial Intelligence Business Applications (Paperback)

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Artificial Intelligence Business Applications (Paperback)


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Do you want to modernize your business and to be ahead from competitors by applying Artificial Intelligence to it? Want to learn the strategies to do that? If so then keep reading.

Artificial intelligence technology has progressed so fast that many business leaders find themselves faced with the task of integrating all this new tech into how they do business. This can a challenge for leaders and others whose core business function is not directly related to artificial intelligence or computer science. This makes artificial intelligence an often-daunting subject for many people noticing the AI changes around them, but this does not have to be an overwhelming subject. Artificial intelligence can be simply applied to business marketing strategies, social media engagement, and a host of other business functions.

These AI applications can be accomplished no matter what the skill level of the user is. Artificial Intelligence Business Applications: A New Approach to AI and Machine Learning in Modern Business and Marketing, for Beginners and Advanced will teach readers how they can benefit from the AI wave to keep themselves and their business endeavors up to date. The benefits of users to keeping on track of AI changes is obvious. AI allows businesses to link their data to AI, which can allow the business and the technology to evolve together. Business leaders are faced left with the question of how to bring artificial intelligence into their business, and sometimes this is as simple as recording data measures electronically so that AI can access it and use it to make powerful recommendations.

As the intelligence demonstrated by machines, AI will become more prominent and important as AI capabilities increase. From a practical standpoint, this means that businesses are faced with the reality of incorporating AI into their operations now or face being left so far behind that they will be relegated to playing an endless game of catchup. In Artificial Intelligence Business Applications: A New Approach to AI and Machine Learning in Modern Business and Marketing, for Beginners and Advanced, readers will learn not only the business strategies they can use to keep up with artificial intelligence, but the many powerful applications that AI can have in business, from automation of business processes and machine learning, to predicting customer behavior and product pricing.

You will learn:

- What Business Leaders Need To Know About AI

- Insights into AI Systems

- The most important thing in AI

- How to build AI strategies for your business

- How to build Machine Learning Models

- How to apply AI to Marketing and Social Media

- 10 AI Trends for Businesses

and much more

Even if you are a complete beginner, your education in artificial intelligence, so that you can use it to accomplish all of your business goals, begins here.

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Product Details ISBN: 9781914053016
ISBN-10: 191405301X
Publisher: New Era Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: October 7th, 2020
Pages: 138
Language: English