E&j (Paperback)

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E&j (Paperback)


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Society is left appalled when the black couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jones have twin boys... one Black and one white

The novel E&J revolves around the non-fictional tale of two fraternal twin brothers named Esau and Jacob - or E and J. The twins experience a unique upbringing as fraternal brothers coming from same-race parents in an African-American-dominant neighborhood. The disparity and struggle the boys face is a reflection of society's truth, portrayed through the twins' behaviors, the career paths they choose, their love life, friendships and their life challenges. How will the twins mediate with all that life throws at them? E&J is centered at the heart of African American culture, shedding light on criminal operations and prostitution nightlife. The book, however, travels beyond these themes with a focus on teenage-hood, family values, as well as racism and reverse racism. Michael does not shy away from raising the question of socialization and carves into the matter of racism. His belief is that truth prevails all, hence the spiritual side and carnal acts of many African Americans that causes division within a nation of people is exposed in this novel.

Product Details ISBN: 9781915206459
ISBN-10: 1915206456
Publisher: Angelo Achievers
Publication Date: November 24th, 2021
Pages: 246
Language: English