Reach (Paperback)

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Reach (Paperback)


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"What if the only way to save your family was to reach out to another world?"

They were a diamond family - unbreakable - nothing could loosen their bond. But that was before Tandro came into their lives.

Erin has grown up believing her family was indestructible. The one constant she could always rely on. But when an out-of-this-world scenario places her family in peril, it feels as though something, somewhere, is hell-bent on breaking them apart.

Between her little brother being sick with a mysterious illness, no one can cure, and her parents growing more distant by the day, Erin's only sanctuary is the powerful older boy she likes, Kieran. But the bubble of attraction he keeps her under hides a dark secret.

Then one big mistake throws Erin's already precarious situation completely upside-down and threatens to destroy everything she holds dear. Her only options to save herself and her family both seem impossible: reach out to a girl locked in another time or reach out to a girl from another world with remarkable powers.

But reaching out to the impossible may be the only thing that could save everything she values from breaking apart.

REACH is the second instalment in this compelling coming-of-age sci-fi dystopian adventure filled with unpredictable twists, incredible world-building, villains you'll love to hate, and star-crossed lovers desperately looking for their happily ever after.

Product Details ISBN: 9781916232907
ISBN-10: 1916232906
Publisher: Charmed Chameleon Publishing
Publication Date: September 10th, 2019
Pages: 186
Language: English