that's what you get (Paperback)

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that's what you get (Paperback)


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"Maldonado thrills with the contradictions in New York City life, where the people, in mourning over another victim of police brutality, can take over a plaza named to honor a colonizer; where the laundromat offers communion and the subway a site for Emersonian contemplation; where laying on your couch very well may be the ultimate act of resistance; where you could be a Central American Quaker in a Caribbean borough grooving to an Icelandic dance queen's DJing. Spunk, grit, the real deal, that's what you get here." -Mónica de la Torre

Product Details ISBN: 9781936767595
ISBN-10: 1936767597
Publisher: Brooklyn Arts Press
Publication Date: February 1st, 2021
Pages: 98
Language: English