RoseSunWater (Paperback)

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RoseSunWater (Paperback)


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RoseSunWater is a collection of bioluminescent writing that seeks to keep memory alive in the face of colonial gentrification of the city, the peninsula, and the mind. The writing contained seeks to render the spillage of the spirit through ancestral retracings from Los Angeles to the Yucat n, from the orchard to the cenote and back to the sea. RSW is an attempt to finish a poem that Angel's grandmother wrote, sleep-walking through time and space in search of the recuperation of ancestry, dreams, and a sense of home.

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The Spectacle no. 9 (forthcoming)

Product Details ISBN: 9781946031891
ISBN-10: 1946031895
Publisher: Operating System Kin(d)* Texts and Projects
Publication Date: January 22nd, 2021
Pages: 102
Language: English