Sigil (Paperback)

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Sigil (Paperback)


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Thumb brushing her lips like a kiss, he promised, "In time, you will learn you need not fear me." Setting her free, Sovereign's enigmatic expression grew dark. "You will love me. It is inevitable."

These soldiers claim I am theirs, that I must submit. But I refuse.

For a century, I have run, fought, killed, and bled. I have left planets aflame. And always I have escaped the Brotherhood's hunt. I have escaped Sovereign.

Until now.

Trapped on a derelict space station with my greatest enemy--a ruthless and powerful emperor who claims to love me--there is no way out.

Unless I promise to be his.

Sovereign's all-consuming passion burns away my fragile reason. The adoration and seductive skills of his formidable Brothers confuses me. But these males play with fire. And I will burn us all to ash if they think to keep me in chains.

Sigil: Irdesi Empire Book 1 is a Dark Romance laced with complete power exchange and obsessive males who will stop at nothing to possess their woman.

Product Details ISBN: 9781950711178
ISBN-10: 195071117X
Publisher: Addison Cain
Publication Date: December 18th, 2019
Pages: 224
Language: English