The "Crime" of Francis Bacon: An Informal Biography (Paperback)


The "Crime" of Francis Bacon: An Informal Biography (Paperback)


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Francis Bacon was considered the father of the scientific method, with his grand visions of inventing all manner of things to improve the human condition. Government investment in research, he believed, could enable and inspire these inventions.

Now comes an informal biography of Bacon in a new book, The "Crime" of Francis Bacon. It was written in the 1950s by Edgar Kemler, an author and Howard University government professor, but was never published due to Kemler's death in 1960. Finally made public through the efforts of the author's son, it covers Bacon's ascendance and fall from grace in the late 16th and early 17th centuries.

Among his numerous writings, Bacon detailed the use of the scientific method to aid in discovery, which fostered experimentation to arrive at conclusions rather than accepting ancient wisdoms at face value. His interest in establishing government-funded research institutions drove his ambitions to advance his career in the government of England.

Bacon eventually achieved the lofty title of Lord Chancellor, but he fell from grace due to scandals involving the illegal acceptance of gifts - even though his staff was at fault, not him personally.

Although the inventions and advances Bacon theorized did not come to pass during his lifetime, his followers continued his pursuits, including the establishment of the Royal Society. The scientific method has led to innumerable discoveries since his death, nearly 400 years ago, although there are still those today who reject scientific rationale.

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