Wilbur: The Great Horned Owlet's Rescue (Paperback)

Wilbur: The Great Horned Owlet's Rescue By Jeanette Mayo-Upholz Cover Image

Wilbur: The Great Horned Owlet's Rescue (Paperback)


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It was late afternoon on a chilly day in March 2019, grim conditions for a baby bird without the warmth of his mother. A great horned owlet, just a couple of days old, falls from his nest in a tall white pine. The tree is on the far side of someone's property, away from the house where he wouldn't be visible. Would he ever be found?

This real-life event evolves over twenty-four hours. As the story unfolds, a whimsical narrative from Wilbur awakens the child within us. Readers also may be pleasantly surprised to learn about the great horned owl's many traits and ways of life.

That day, the resident decides to walk to her mailbox farther down the road. Taking a shortcut across the yard, she encounters the toppled owlet. Seeing the tree he fell from, she couldn't believe he was still alive and finds it unusual that he was born so early in the year. She didn't know what species it was, having never seen one like it before. Immediately, she calls the local nature center and takes him there. Their examination doesn't reveal any severe injuries, but he needs warmth, food, and rest throughout the night. He is well enough to be renested in the morning, and they move forward with that goal. Accomplishing it as soon as possible is crucial for his well-being and ability to survive in his natural habitat. On the way home from the center, he is given the name "Wilbur," after the road where he lives.

The high nest is logistically challenging, so the nature center asks the local fire department if they can help. They agree to scope it out but determine their vehicle cannot navigate the road because of a narrow, curved section. Then the search expands with calls to professional tree climbers and those with bucket-lift trucks. Time is of the essence, but it seems it will take forever to find a secure solution. Fortunately, a tree service crew starts working at the end of the road, and rescuers hear them. The fire captain goes there to relate the problem, and they agree to look at the nest location.

The crewmen determine the renesting is doable, and to confirm it, perform a trial run without Wilbur. The bucket-lift operator slowly ascends, clearing a passageway, and upon reaching the nest, he discovers another owlet. The practice run goes well, so they make a second trip to bring Wilbur home and reunite him with his sibling. All the noisy intrusion has frightened the parents away, so the concern is will their parents ever return?

There are now eleven people present who have participated in the rescue. Their care and compassion for a creature in need has a life-saving impact on Wilbur. Working together with unwavering dedication, they experience an eloquent connection to nature that enriches their lives and leaves a memorable impression. Rescuing this tiny, helpless creature is awe-inspiring for everyone involved and reminds us how important our responsibility is to protect the precious gift of nature and wildlife. We are all within creation together and being there for each other has always been crucial and will be forever.

Product Details ISBN: 9781977244284
ISBN-10: 1977244289
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: November 15th, 2021
Pages: 100
Language: English