Haunted Stories: Cue the Nightmares: True Scary Stories for Midnight Reading (Paperback)

Haunted Stories: Cue the Nightmares: True Scary Stories for Midnight Reading By Max Mason Hunter Cover Image

Haunted Stories: Cue the Nightmares: True Scary Stories for Midnight Reading (Paperback)


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Cue the Nightmares: True Scary Stories for Midnight Reading...
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Despite the advent of science and technology that helps us understand the 'how's' and the 'whys' of things, the universe still offers a colossal variety of mysteries that humans are still yet to explore and understand.

Having said that, the standard mysteries, those which have perplexed humanity from the very beginning, continue to do so. Strange creatures and things fall, at times slowly, from rather unknown sources; people walk over glowing trenches of hot coals, encounter monsters in mountains and lakes, are subject to strange coincidences, so on and so forth.

History has many disturbing episodes that few of us would care to experience ourselves. So many of these stories are sad but true. Sometimes, after such incidents, dark and evil energies remain in these places of horror for decades to come, haunting all that come near.

Over the years, I have learnt, read and write about these unexplained mysteries, and one thing I have understood is that the nature of our existence and the world are quite different from that which we learned when we were young. The reality is more large, fascinating and expansive than any rational, scientific or religious view can perhaps accommodate.

Remember, explanations are just temporary, going on and off in response to fads and fashions. However, the happenings they are supposed to explain carry on as mysteriously as ever.

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  • Haunted Stories: Don't Listen to Door Knocks in the Middle of the Night (The horror of Ballygally Hotel)
  • Haunted Stories: Second Life, Different Life
  • Haunted Stories: Time Travel
  • Haunted Stories: The Guardians of St. Elmo
  • Haunted Stories: Gates of Hell All Over the World
  • Much, much more

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Who is Max Mason Hunter? Hi, I'm Max Mason Hunter, here's a bit about me; I'm an author, self development fanatic and I have a huge amount of passion and interest for the paranormal, conspiracy and ghost stories of our worlds history! I love to delve into our worlds most intriguing hauntings, conspiracies, paranormal accounts and true ghost stories that have left science scratching their heads. There has been so many unclear and bizarre happenings that have been recorded that make us all wonder: What else is out there that we don't know about? With my books I intend to bring you the most interesting, unusual and bizarre ghost stories, paranormal hauntings and unexplained phenomena. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them! Max Mason Hunter
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Publication Date: October 15th, 2017
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