The Secret History: New Large Print Edition (Large Print / Hardcover)

The Secret History: New Large Print Edition By Procopius, Richard Atwater (Translator) Cover Image

The Secret History: New Large Print Edition (Large Print / Hardcover)

By Procopius, Richard Atwater (Translator)


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New Large Print Edition, comfortable and easily readable format."The Secret History" by Procopius, as translated by Richard Atwater, immerses readers in the Byzantine Empire's clandestine intrigues, unveiling the political landscape during the 6th century under the rule of Emperor Justinian I (527-565 AD). Against the backdrop of ambitious military endeavors, grand construction projects, and theological controversies, Procopius, an advisor to General Belisarius, provides a firsthand account of the intricacies within the imperial court.In contrast to Procopius' other works, which laud the accomplishments of Emperor Justinian and his wife Theodora, "The Secret History" takes a critical turn, exposing the darker underbelly of this historical epoch. Atwater's translation skillfully preserves the nuances of Procopius' original text, offering readers a penetrating view into the power struggles, betrayals, and hidden agendas that marred the Byzantine political landscape.This narrative unfolds as a testimony to Procopius' disillusionment and bitterness, revealing scandals and corruption that shaped the destinies of key figures. It serves as a rare and controversial window into the intricate dynamics of the Byzantine Empire, exploring the complexities that defined the empire's trajectory during this pivotal period. "The Secret History" stands as a captivating historical account, inviting readers to grapple with the complexities and shadows that influenced the course of one of history's most intriguing civilizations.

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Publication Date: January 13th, 2024
Pages: 210
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