Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Grit: Contemporary Theories, Assessments, Applications and Critiques (Hardcover)

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This volume provides a multi-disciplinary perspective on grit, its measurement, manifestation and development. Specifically, it provides a comprehensive and balanced response to critiques associated with the construct within the contemporary positive psychological literature. These critiques revolve around the lack of consensus in the conceptualisation, measurement, and management of grit, as well as consensus on its difference from other psychological constructs such as conscientiousness, diligence or determination. Therefore, this volume thoroughly reappraises and consolidates the nature, function, measurement and implications of grit in order to effectively advance the science of achievement. It looks at grit scales developed in various countries and evaluates the concept in various aspects of life, from work performance to sports. Written by a team of multi-disciplinary experts in fields ranging from neuroscience, sociology, and education to human resource management and psychology, this volume firmly positions grit within the discipline of positive psychology's nomological lexicon.

About the Author

Llewellyn E. van Zyl (PhD) is Assistant Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology with the University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands and holds an Extraordinary professorship with the North-West University in South Africa. He is a respected academic, published author and talent management consultant specializing in talent analytics, -assessment and -development. During the past decade, he has gained extensive experience in the development, implementation and evaluation of strategic talent development initiatives for multi-national corporations spanning from the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia to South Africa. He has a passion for developing strengths-based, fit-for-purpose leadership development solutions aimed at the optimization of leaders' capability.Chantal Olckers (PhD) is Associate Professor in the Department of Human Resource Management at the University of Pretoria. She is a registered psychologist (Category: Industrial) with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. She has completed a doctorate degree in the field of human resource management, specialising in psychological ownership. Chantal is a respected researcher, with contributions to several peer-reviewed journals, chapters in international peer-reviewed books, and has presented several research papers at both national and international conferences. Chantal has involved with the South African Journal of Human Resource Management as well as the South African Journal of Industrial Psychology as a Section Editor. She has extensive experience within the tertiary educational environment (as a lecturer and researcher) and within the private sector (as a consultant). Chantal has a passion for positive organisational behaviour and specifically psychological ownership.Leoni van der Vaart (PhD) completed both her PhD and master's degrees in human resource management and industrial/organisational psychology. She is a lecturer and researcher at the North-West University and has a passion for understanding employee/job seeker attitudes and behaviour from a motivational perspective. Leoni is an active researcher with publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at international conferences and has experience in the tertiary education environment, both as lecturer and researcher. She is a registered psychological counsellor (category: independent practitioner) a registered intern psychologist (category: organisational psychology) with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), and human resource professional (category: learning and development) with the South African Board of People Practices (SABPP). She also serves on the higher education committee of the SABPP.

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Publication Date: February 17th, 2021
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