Are Your Emotions Like Mine? (Hardcover)

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Are Your Emotions Like Mine? By Shruti Hemani (Illustrator), Chitwan Mittal, MA, Chitwan Mittal, MA Cover Image

Are Your Emotions Like Mine? (Hardcover)


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A young child can often be overwhelmed by the range of complex emotions they feel, often during the course of a single day.

Sometimes angry, sometimes sad, excited, often glad, so nervous and scared, however ready to dare!

A girl and her lion friend are the stars of this book about feelings. After experiencing a range of emotions, the two friends learn that the best way to deal with them is to FIRST take a deep, deep breath!

Magical illustrations, simple text and a universal theme make this book perfect to read aloud to toddlers (2+ years) and an excellent addition to your picture book collection. You and your child will cherish it forever!
Shruti Hemani is an architect and urban designer. Alongside her professional career in the field of urban design, Shruti has continued to follow her passion for art and illustrations that was cultivated during her childhood days. Her artwork involves great detailing, intricate patterns and line work. One of her recent works include spatial design and educational wall-arts for school resource rooms in rural areas of Rajasthan. Currently she lives in Jaipur and is super excited to work on her debut children’s book for AdiDev Press.

Chitwan Mittal holds an MA in Values in Education from the University of London. Actively involved in children’s education since 2005, she was part of the committee that established the Indian Institute of Teacher Education and the Children’s University by the Government of Gujarat, India. She is now foraying into the field of writing children’s picture books. Her books encourage engagement and diversity and focus on value-oriented education, bi-lingual learning and South Asian culture. She lives between India and Singapore with her husband and two sons.
Product Details ISBN: 9788195388608
ISBN-10: 8195388604
Publisher: AdiDev Press
Publication Date: January 1st, 2023
Pages: 28
Language: English

"Youngsters will relate to the main character’s experiences, such as feeling nervous before diving into a pool and proud after winning a trophy. The text neatly acknowledges the importance of honoring one’s feelings and recognizing their impact on one’s behavior. The story briefly touches on coping methods, showing how the girl relaxes by stargazing, breathing deeply, and sleeping well. Hemani’s illustrations feature bold colors, textured and patterned backdrops, and decorative details, such as hearts and line accents; they emphasize the girl’s moods, such as “intense” feelings, shown as a jumble of multicolored lines springing from her heart. An enlightening introduction to emotional awareness." —Kirkus Reviews

“With imaginative flair, this story captures the spectrum of human emotions, from anger to joy, from fear to bravery... This colorful book can serve as a powerful learning aid.” – Anna Musser Educational Researcher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

“This delightful and beautifully illustrated book helps children name their emotions and navigate them in a healthy way — two skills that can help build happy lives!” – Vicki Zakrzewski Ph.D., Education Director, Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley