Diversifying Diversity: Your Guide to Being an Active Ally of Inclusion in the Workplace (Hardcover)

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Is your workplace truly diverse?

In this gem amongst diversity, equity and inclusion books, Dr. Poornima Luthra challenges us to address the inequality in the 21st Century that exists by expanding the dimensions of diversity in the workplace we address; to define diversity in the workplace in a way that truly represents our whole diverse selves.

When you think of diversity, what comes to mind? Gender? Ethnicity? Age? Sexual orientation? How about physical abilities or neurodiversity? What about educational background, experiences, personality, beliefs, socio-economic background, ways of working or parenthood choices? These are all dimensions of diversity that make up our diversity thumbprint. The questions we need to be asking ourselves are: are we embracing this level of diversity and inclusion in the workplace? how do we make this a reality? and what does this inclusion in action look like?

This book contains everything you need to develop a solid understanding of the various dimensions of diversity and the biases that arise from them. Poornima provides us with the tools needed to address our biases, have inclusive conversations and be an active ally of inclusion. Whether you are an individual employee, team manager, or CEO, Diversifying Diversity is your guide to active allyship in the workplace.

If you are wondering what this inclusion in action looks like, case studies from Maersk Tankers, Carlsberg Group, IKEA Retail, Telia Company, Be My Eyes, Project Access International, Stack Recruitment, and Kromann Reumert provide inspiration, and a blueprint for inclusion in the workplace is included.

Dr. Poornima Luthra is the founder and CEO of TalentED Consultancy ApS, a TEDx Speaker and external Faculty at the Copenhagen Business School. She has spent over a decade in academia and, in recent years, further expanded her efforts towards the vision of making workplaces inclusive for all. Poornima works with individuals, teams and leaders in organisations and institutions on nurturing inclusive mindsets while expanding the dimensions of diversity we look at. She believes that with greater know-how and the right attitude, we can all be active allies of inclusion to make our workplaces - and society - truly inclusive for all.

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ISBN: 9788797290309
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Publisher: Diversifying Diversity
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2021
Pages: 474
Language: English