Speak Jamaican: A Guide to Fluency (Paperback)

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Speak Jamaican: A Guide to Fluency (Paperback)


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Speak Jamaican is a comprehensive instructional tool that outlines the grammar of Jamaican Creole. The course is designed to facilitate fluency in speech. It delineates the pronunciation and grammar of the Jamaican Creole language, and it includes lessons outlining the formation of tenses, irregularverbs, adjectives, adverbs, questions, commands, pluralization, the passive voice, making a sentence negative, showing ownership, structures unique to Jamaican Creole, and additional tenets. Each lesson consists of practice exercises and a vocabulary list to familiarize the reader with Jamaican Creole grammar. If the reader is looking to do more than just 'parrot' Jamaican words and phrases, this work is a vital instrument to achieving that goal.

Product Details ISBN: 9789768245823
ISBN-10: 9768245824
Publisher: LMH Publishers
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Pages: 174
Language: English