How to Stop Smoking: The Total Guide on How to Effectively Cure this Addiction and Stay Stopped for Good! (Paperback)

How to Stop Smoking: The Total Guide on How to Effectively Cure this Addiction and Stay Stopped for Good! By Lilly de Sisto Cover Image

How to Stop Smoking: The Total Guide on How to Effectively Cure this Addiction and Stay Stopped for Good! (Paperback)


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How many times have you thought about quitting smoking? How many times have you tried to kick the habit only to give into your cravings and light up again?

I've been there. While there are many books focusing on helping people quit smoking, few have them were created by people who really know what it's like to be heavily addicted to the smoker's lifestyle.. and it really is a lifestyle, isn't it?

We smoke to be social, we smoke after a good meal with friends, we smoke to relax, and we even smoke just for the joy of it all.. whether it's a choice or not doesn't matter, we don't all hate smoking, we all just know how incredibly risky it is to keep on doing it.

So, we stick on the patch and try our hardest to resist the temptation of lighting up.. when that doesn't work, we try chewing on nicotine gum, only to burn our throats and gag at the flavor that hardly replaces a cigarette.. and after those things fail us miserably, we become guinea pigs to hypnosis or magnetic jewelry, all claiming to be instant solutions to butting out that last cigarette, permanently.

Yet, how many of those things really work?

Our cravings are stronger than most of the aids, and despite how seriously committed you are to quitting, without a solid system in place, you are likely going to continue to shell out money trying every new gimmick to hit the market, only to continue right back where you started.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

For the first time ever, I have written everything I know about smoking, the reasons we do it, the methods we can use to quit and how we can rid ourselves from the powerful control that smoking has over us, without ever having to suffer from withdrawal or worry about relapse..

If you really want to butt out for life, you need to grab a copy of this book and put it into action TODAY.. never again will you ever have to struggle with trying to quit on your own. This guide is a comprehensive system that covers all aspects of smoking, and reveals the critical elements of an effective quit-smoking system that you NEED to know if you want to be successful...

Here is just a sneak peek of just some of what's revealed:
- Find out why you are really addicted to smoking and exploit this information to your advantage by de-activating "triggers" that cause you to light up This is one of the easiest methods of kicking the habit, regardless how much you smoke
- Learn the shocking truth about stop smoking aids, and what really works and what doesn't. Never waste another dime on flaky gimmicks that only cause you to fail every time you try to quit.
- Step by step strategy to quitting forever Follow these time tested, PROVEN techniques to living a healthier, happier, smoke-free life and NEVER suffer from relapse.
- Find out how you can eliminate cravings instantly and kick the habit faster and easier than you ever thought possible You really can become a non-smoker, even if you have been smoking for many years. These insider tips will show you how
Product Details ISBN: 9798201357801
Publisher: Rocco Mela
Publication Date: September 9th, 2021
Pages: 138
Language: English