Trucking Business Startup (Paperback)

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Trucking Business Startup (Paperback)


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If you do not have prior experience in the trucking startup business, this book is meant for you.

Every activity in life has a first time, and nobody can become a pro in anything unless the first time is experienced. Secondly, you can put a condition here that you have to be successful in your first time experiencing several activities in life. So, give yourself that leverage and freedom to make mistakes that prove to be learning life lessons.

We can even use the inspirational stories of successful people around us and try to avoid making mistakes because successful people's lives help us learn from them.

This book will provide you with the information required to start a trucking business and then run the same successfully. The book will empower you to fulfill your dream and board the flight to success. A trucking startup can be a dream venture for owner drivers, drivers working for other companies, entrepreneurs, or individuals. Here you will get insightful and informative content that will help you to define your career goals and work towards their realization.

I firmly believe that starting a trucking business is not a dream/goal limited or reserved for the privileged few who may have large cash reserves. Anyone who has dreams in their eyes, dedication, innovative and strategic thinking, and a courageous attitude can successfully establish a trucking startup.

This book can be your best guide for everything you want to learn about starting a trucking business.

You can expect to find the following deliverables in this book:

  • How to start your trucking startup?
  • What will be the prerequisites for your startup?
  • Strategies and industry tips that will help to operate a trucking startup
  • Becoming aware of the competition in the relevant industry and how to make a mark in the highly competitive market
  • Industry permits and licenses
  • How to crack the busy market and absorb customers?
  • Learn strategies that can earn repeat customers for your trucking startup.
  • How do you avoid making the mistakes that trucking entities make and fail after their first year of establishment?
  • Get acquainted with the laws and regulations in the relevant trucking industry.
  • Learn to improve your bargaining power for hauling freight and inherit a logical explanation to save money.
  • How do you operate the company with efficient workers and enjoy employee loyalty?
  • Expert advice handling fleet
  • Dealing with the stringent industry trucking standards and easy process to follow the same and emerge successfully

And much more

This book is your perfect guide for the trucking startup, and it has everything that empowers and programs your mind to establish the business.

Product Details ISBN: 9798201381943
Publisher: Kenny Adams
Publication Date: July 18th, 2022
Pages: 148
Language: English