The Magpie Box (Paperback)

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The Magpie Box (Paperback)


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Past and future collide as a mysterious power source reaches its limit.

Two hundred years post apocalypse, a storm is brewing over the Appalachian mountain range as a young woman plagued by elusive memories leaves home to pursue a career as an airship stewardess.

Captured by the pirate crew of the Defiant Joy, Maggie Piper is imprisoned in a cell where she begins to realize the lies surrounding her past, and her father's connection to "the Coil," an ancient power source that generates electricity without the need of fuel--but at an ultimately devastating price.

Inspired by the Joy's captain and crew, Maggie finds the confidence to face enemies on all fronts, but a dreadful decision lies on the horizon. To save the entire world from a plague of insanity, she must choose to destroy the Coil.

Pursued by the captains of industry and a frivolous queen, who have no desire to face the facts of their situation, can Maggie find a way to save civilization?

Product Details ISBN: 9798215706077
Publisher: Domnul Tesh
Publication Date: July 11th, 2021
Pages: 342
Language: English