Entangled (Paperback)

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Entangled (Paperback)


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I want to be anywhere but here.

A dead-end town. An electronic tag with a strict curfew. A bunch of friends who prefer their phones to her, and a boy who's never going to like her back. Tangle wants out. When the opportunity comes, she grabs it.

I can go anywhere... but I can't leave myself behind.

But stealing a top-secret teleportation device has consequences. Lots of people with guns would like it back. Tangle has to think fast to stay one step ahead, but it's worth it: she's living the dream, seeing amazing places. So why can't she forget about the boy she left behind?

Sometimes all I want is to be nowhere at all.

The company she stole from will do anything to retrieve what's theirs, even threaten her family and friends. Just how much is Tangle willing to sacrifice to keep this technology out of the wrong hands, and what will she do when the consequences of her choices are too much to bear?

Product Details ISBN: 9798223452140
Publisher: Uplit Press
Publication Date: April 21st, 2023
Pages: 284
Language: English