In a Large Loud City (Where Something Almost Always Happens) (Paperback)

In a Large Loud City (Where Something Almost Always Happens) By Ian A. Hollis Cover Image

In a Large Loud City (Where Something Almost Always Happens) (Paperback)


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Welcome to the intricate world of 'In a Large, Loud City, ' where the lives of its inhabitants are as complex as the city itself. At the centre of it all is Adam - a man of many faces and many lives - and Belle, a young mother whose son carries his name. This enthralling narrative weaves through time, from hospital rooms to mysterious trains and alternate realities, exploring the connections that bind us and the secrets that pull us apart.

As Angela grapples with trust and familiar warmth, Amanda navigates the complexities of marriage and identity. Simultaneously, characters like Benji Sabrina, Julie and Max find themselves entangled in quests for truth and meaning, whether it's through spiritual journeys or desperate races against time.

Spanning from the daily grind to existential dilemmas, this story delves deep into the human psyche and the countless choices that define us. Each chapter is a jigsaw piece in a grand puzzle, revealing a tapestry of human frailty, resilience, and the eternal quest for understanding.

Join us on the rollercoaster of emotion, revelation, and introspection, as 'In a Large, Loud City' takes you on a journey you won't easily forget.

Product Details ISBN: 9798223604655
Publisher: Ian A. Hollis
Publication Date: October 8th, 2023
Pages: 342
Language: English