Social Media Headliner: The Art Of Getting Viral (Paperback)

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Social Media Headliner: The Art Of Getting Viral (Paperback)


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◆ Question 1: What's so good about this book ? & Why Should I read this book?

✓ Answer: Oh, good question "Why ?" Here's Why...

  1. If you always think you have fairly good content, but no Viewers to appreciate
  2. Your titles don't get listed in google pages in deserved places even after many months have passed.
  3. People are not bothering about clicking on your title links & products even after seeing it....

Then, you must think over it again why should you not learn; how to write better and impactful titles instead because that's the problem of 95% people, they don't know how to write an appealing title.

"This book has more than 1000 tried-and-tested best-selling headlines that you can use on your blog today."

◆ Question 2: How to know if this book is for me or not ?

✓ Answer: If you wish to know the secrets of product selling, books selling, video selling and any sort of advertising related business. Then this book is for you.

◆ Question 3: What will I learn Here?

✓ Answer: Simple You will learn "How to Catch Attention of every reader", simply by writing eye-catching titles

◆ Question 4: Any more specific benefits that can be listed?

✓ Answer: Sure. Think what if, you can learn the psychology behind everyone's desires, so that you can use it while writing titles. People will simply get hooked each and every time you write something. Isn't that great?

Here's the list of benefits:

  1. Making YouTube Videos Viral: If you Want to increase the chances of video links getting clicked 10 folds overnight, then you need to simply learn how to write titles well.
  2. Best-Selling Book Titles: You will find so many ideas to Write the Best-Selling Titles for your Books
  3. Social Media Messages: Learn to easily impress people on social media like Facebook/Twitter by knowing how to use minimum words to write Meaningful messages.
  4. E-Commers Websites & Blog Traffic: Assume that You are selling products online... But no real traffic coming-in to your posts Getting it solved is very easy, just you need to know what exactly you should write in the titles.
  5. Writing Email's Subject: Have you ever noticed, writing a lengthy email doesn't feel that much difficult as much it is to write its title.
  6. News Letters & News Headlines: You can learn to write very specific, very brief and yet very compulsive News Headlines just like in newspapers and news channels.
  7. Advertisements: Writing a catchy theme of an advertisement needs advance level of psychological understanding of your Audience. You can advertise and sell your own products (*regardless of what it is) by yourself, simply by learning how to write appropriate heading and titles for it.

♥ Book contains some classic examples of Title Writing formulas. It's the go-to for all levels Of Title Requirements because it works everywhere. Author shows you the secret formulas for Title Marketing. Along with the formulas you will get the examples of each one in use, so you can see how it works.

◆ You might not have thought before but, writing titles is an art to learn. Be one of those few who knows it.

✓ You can get access on full-scale, to various types of titles and huge collection of examples simply by ordering this valuable book today...

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Product Details ISBN: 9798501175365
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 9th, 2021
Pages: 112
Language: English