A horse named Fly: a story of learning a new language (Paperback)

A horse named Fly: a story of learning a new language By Shaneen Noble-Antar (Editor), Lisbeth Agerskov Christensen (Translator), Lena Vanessa Cover Image

A horse named Fly: a story of learning a new language (Paperback)


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A captivating novel based on a true story.
Did you know horses can talk? If you pay attention and listen, yes, they can communicate with us in their Equus language. If you love horses and are 10+ or adult, this is for you

Flying High, a young thoroughbred horse, has endured abuse and brutality at a racetrack.

Rescued from slaughter by the young boy, Nicholas, he finds a new home. However, Fly's past traumas have left him terrified of people.

Alice and Jacob were familiar with horsemanship and horse training following Monty Roberts' principles.
But was it enough for Fly to overcome his deep fear and mistrust of humans?
Could their foster child, Nicholas build trust with Fly using his strong empathetic abilities?
Would it be better for Fly to be laid down?

Some reviews:
  • Best horse book we have ever read. Finally, a story from the horse's perspective - Marianne Frederiksen
  • All my friends will "eat" this book - Stella Antar
  • My daughter is reading it for the 4th time right now - Henriette Rasmussen
  • I was captivated from start to finish - Christina B
  • That is a knowledge which should be the basic ABC for everyone involved with horses - Zibrasport Equest
  • Whether you're involved with horses or not, you can enjoy this book and learn a lot about life - @petguide.dk
  • You believe in the story, and besides being a good story, you learn a lot about horse behavior - Janne Skovbjerg
  • So there should be an appeal to Lena Vanessa to write more books of this type, so that all of us horse-crazy bookworms and horse lovers - children and adults - can incorporate some horsemanship into our everyday lives with horses - Ellen Kathrine and her 13-year-old daughter
  • In addition to finding the plot and story of the book very exciting and captivating, I also think it is a very educational book - Rebecca Jensen
  • Even though this is a young adult novel, I would recommend it to all horse people, especially those interested in horsemanship This book is much more than just a young adult book. It is equally a non-fiction book, just written in a language that doesn't feel academically heavy in any way. It is truly a touching story where all the emotions come into play. You can really empathize with Fly - it's super cool - Marisa S by
  • I would recommend this book to everyone - to the horse girl who feels her heart beat extra hard when she looks into the big brown horse eyes, to the doctor who has forgotten empathy in the busyness and needs to reconnect with the ability to listen to the body language of other souls, and to anyone who believes in forgiveness, acceptance, and love - Kamilla K. Heinze

Lena Vanessa, the author, has over 40 years of experience working with horses as a trainer, instructor, and competitive rider.
Her vision is to spread awareness about good horsemanship and Equus, the language we use to communicate with horses.

Product Details ISBN: 9798851196416
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 6th, 2023
Pages: 158
Language: English