Biome Nightmare: a Biome Lock and Ziel DeLaine crossover (Paperback)

Biome Nightmare: a Biome Lock and Ziel DeLaine crossover By Shanti Hershenson Cover Image

Biome Nightmare: a Biome Lock and Ziel DeLaine crossover (Paperback)


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A thrilling and eerie crossover between teen author Shanti Hershenson's Biome Lock and The Chronicles of Ziel DeLaine

Following tragedy after tragedy and reeling from constant turmoil, Griffin, Colette, and Kira are rewarded several peaceful days at the Grasslands Laboratory before they are to continue their journey. Only, this solace is interrupted as the scientists find a strange piece of Zorb technology-and Griffin and his friends are assigned to inspect it. Restless and desperate to find out the purpose behind the machine, Griffin fiddles with it and, despite Kira and Colette's warnings, pushes a button. What erupts is a blinding light that renders them unconscious.

When the trio wakes up, they are horrified to find that they are no longer in the Grasslands biome-or in the same era at all. Through what they now realize is a Zorb time machine, they have been brought back to a time and place before the Biome Lock: Lander, North Carolina, a suburban town of fast food restaurants, indoor play places, neighborhood parks, a strange mansion, and a terrifying urban legend that may either be their key to returning home...or their worst nightmare.

While faced with a whole new world, they are haunted and stalked by an eccentric creature and his ghostly children. First, there are nightmares, then hallucinations and soon, Griffin, Colette, and Kira realize that there is something much more sinister living in the shadows of Lander. Some know him as the Lander Boogeyman, while others know his name: Silly Kingston.

Set during the events of Biome Blackout, Biome Nightmare takes readers on a heart-racing, chilling journey as the worlds of Shanti Hershenson's oldest books collide. With familiar characters from The Chronicles of Ziel DeLaine as well as cameos from unlikely Biome Lock characters, fans of both series are destined to enjoy this crossover novel.

Product Details ISBN: 9798870139708
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 9th, 2023
Pages: 232
Language: English