As of 3/17/20, we will cease accepting new consignments until further notice. Thank you for understanding.


Thank you for your interest in having your book placed on our shelves. Please carefully review the guidelines listed below before submitting your application.

If your book has been or will soon be published by a major publisher, or if it will be distributed through Ingram, please continue with this application. We will review your submission and, once we determine if it is a good fit for our store, we will decide whether to order from the publisher/distributor or take your book on consignment.

If you wish to meet with one of our book buyers, you will need to make an appointment by email in advance. We are unable to meet with authors on a walk-in basis. Additionally, please do not leave unsolicited review copies.

Book Requirements:

We only have so much shelf space available in the store, and as such, we have developed a set of requirements that all books taken on consignment must meet. We appreciate you honoring our request not to receive submissions for books that do not meet all of the listed criteria.

The book must be by a local author or of local relevance. Non-local authors will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but only if the book is of local interest.  

The book must have been published in the last twelve months.

The book must be professionally bound. The author’s name and the title must be printed legibly on the spine. Spiral bound books will not be accepted.

The book must have an ISBN and barcode.

The price must be appropriate for the size and type of book.

We will not order non-returnable, low discount, or print on demand titles. We will not pay shipping.

Consignment Terms:

If your book is taken on consignment, we will initially take five signed copies for a six month period, and may order more during that time if necessary.

All of our consignments operate on a standard 60/40 split. Payment will be issued for any books sold in that six month period. We will only pay for books that have sold. Any stolen or damaged merchandise is the responsibility of the consignor.

At the end of the initial consignment term, we will determine whether to renew your contract. If we choose to renew, we will continue to order signed copies through you. If we do not wish to renew, unsold copies will need to be picked up. Any copies not picked up after six weeks following notification of termination of the consignment agreement will become the property of Country Bookshelf for us to donate at our discretion.

As a part of the consignment agreement, authors agree to link to Country Bookshelf on their website, blog, social media sites, and other online platforms.

Marketing is the responsibility of the consignor. Letting friends and family know that they can purchase the book at Country Bookshelf is a big part of creating a successful consignment.

Once a book has been accepted on consignment there will be a one time $25 processing fee.

Please note: for both Consignment and Event applications, responses can take several weeks due to the volume of requests.