I Can Make You Sleep (Kobo eBook)

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Would you like to sleep really well?
Would you like to stop your mind racing and feel calm?
Easily stop the disruption of waking during the night?
Would you like to sleep when you want to?
Awaken refreshed and full of energy?
Then let Paul McKenna help you!

We spend nearly a third of our lives asleep, but more of us are suffering from insomnia than ever before. Now Paul McKenna, Ph.D., has made a series of major scientific breakthroughs that can dramatically improve your sleep starting today.

In this book, he shows you simple techniques and changes in your thinking and behavior can transform your sleep habits. The accompanying guided hypnosis download is designed to deeply relax you when you want to sleep and reset your body’s natural sleep mechanism, so you’ll automatically find it easier to get deep, restful sleep.

If you want to get a good night’s restful sleep and wake up refreshed, have the energy to achieve what you want, and improve the quality of your life, then this book is for you!