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Captive audience: Authors helm a massive Facebook group dedicated to Salvador Dalí (6 million followers), and will leverage administrative powers to promote forthcoming book. Large size of group also proves enduring popularity of the subject.

Proven author track record, perfect author pairing, and plans for events and media on the West Coast and in the southeast: Jean-Pierre Isbouts's previous books have sold more than 2 million copies with over 77,000 copies accounted for in BookScan, and Christopher Brown is the owner of a collection of original Dalí art and an expert on his style, making them the perfect pairing to create this book. Having one author in California and one in North Carolina means there will be signings, gallery tie-ins, and media in and around both states.

A must-have to complete an art lover's collection, and a great gift: With brilliant, enlightening text and more than 150 four-color images throughout, this book is a stunning and immersive keepsake for fans of art, pop culture, and history. Dalí is one of the most complex and important artists of all time, and this extraordinary book contextualizes him and his effect on the art world far more meaningfully and engagingly than any other attempt. While there have been autobiographies of Dalí published as well as Salvador Dalí art books on the market (all of which have incurred high sales), this is the first book that offers a deep textual analysis of Dalí's life and enduring legacy with the addition of full-color art.

First book to explore, and capitalize on, Dalí's continued relevance: Dalí's relevance lives on today, evidenced by the popularity of Dalí museums (the Dalí Foundation reports that 1.4 million people visited the Dalí museums in 2017, with numbers increasing each year), and high price tags for original Dalí works (a triptych sold for $13 million in January 2020).

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ISBN-13: 9781948062671
Publisher: Apollo Publishers
Publication Date: March 22nd, 2021