Read Vote Win with Ann Patchett and Louise Erdrich

Sunday, October 4, 2020 - 4:00pm

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Spend an intimate hour with renowned authors Ann Patchett  and Louise Erdrich in conversation about living this moment as writers and citizens and what we can do together to make sure our Democracy survives. In addition to being friends, Louise and Ann both own independent bookstores that are neighborhood hubs for their cities, Minneapolis and Nashville. They will share their secret lists of compelling books as they clear a little space for general matters of joy!   

They will be joined by Laura Flynn of Movement Voter Project (MVP). MVP supports grassroots organizers who build power and are turning out and defending the vote in battleground states. MVP works to turn out the vote all across the US and Montana is currently a “Tier 2 State” on their radar, meaning it is very important for our US Senate race, and less than the 5 states that are likely to decide the presidential race. MVP supports these organizations in Montana:

Forward Montana

Montana Human Rights Network

Montana League of Rural Voters

Montana Native Voice

Montan Women Vote

Join to learn more about MVP.  Invite your friends, family and your book group.  Let’s raise some money and make sure we have NO REGRETS in November.

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