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We are proud to be the indie bookstore home for Pete Fromm and his most recent book A JOB YOU MOSTLY WON'T KNOW HOW TO DO. We are excited to offer exclusive signed editions by the author, available now for pre-order. 

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"Marnie and Taz have it all-they love, laugh and work together, sneak off to swim at their secret spot, and now they are starting a family. But Marnie dies in childbirth, leaving Taz to cope with his incredible loss...and his new baby daughter. Following Taz's sometimes bumbling first two years as a father, I found my self laughing and crying on the same page. Pete Fromm writes so beautifully about the confusing mix of grief and love, and what being a family really means." - Wendy

"I'll be honest, this book took me a minute to get into. I couldn't tell who it was written for. As a recently married twenty-something, I knew the characters would likely be relatable and I'd be able to empathize with the main issue. Fromm used acronyms like OMG and WTF unironically.  At the same time I felt there was an "oh, remember when..." tone going on that I couldn't relate to and I thought would be better suited for my grandmother.

All that being said, I probably spent a only 6 hours completing this book, 5 of which were in a single sitting. I could place myself, my sister, my friend into the shoes of Taz or Elmo, and it seemed way too real. The two-year span of the book at first seemed daunting, but as I read, each new day for Taz and Midge was something I wanted to explore - I was looking forward to their future far more than Taz. The story flows so seamlessly, never missing a beat, and I just could not put it down." - Kasey

"Pete Fromm is a powerful, lucid writer, a perfect guide to the unpredictable rivers and people of the interior West, to their deep channels and breathtaking turns." --Jess Walter, author of Beautiful Ruin


"Pete Fromm is one of America's best-kept literary secrets." --Thom Jones, author of Sonny Liston Was a Friend of Mine


Five-time winner of the Pacific Northwest Bookseller Award Pete Fromm returns with his big-hearted new novel, a love story about family and resiliency and second chances. For young couple Taz and Marnie, their fixer-upper is the symbol of their new life together: a work in progress, the beginning of something grand, all the more so when they learn a baby is on her way. But the blueprint for the perfect life eludes Taz when Marnie dies in childbirth, plummeting the taciturn carpenter headfirst into the new, strange world of fatherhood alone, a landscape of contradictions, of great joy and sorrow. With a supporting cast as rich and compelling as the wild Montana landscape, the novel follows Taz's first two years as a father--a job no one can be fully prepared for.


With more than eleven books in over twenty years, Pete Fromm has become one of the West's best literary legends. A Job You Mostly Won't Know How To Do beautifully captures people who end up building a life that is both unexpected and brave.

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