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Help us get books to local kids!

We have felt such gratitude from our community’s support and generosity in the face of uncertainty and doubt as we confront stay-at-home orders, self-isolation, and social distancing practices upending our former activities. We have been moved by customers supporting the store with online orders and donations, and we’ve been impressed by the ingenuity and dedication of the educators in our communities. While we’ve been working with several schools to get books to students who, with schools and libraries closed, otherwise might not have access to books, we want to do more, and we know you do too.

If you can, please consider adding a books4schools donation to your next order. You don’t have to worry about what title(s) to purchase -- our booksellers have you covered. Just select your donation amount and we’ll use 100% of that money to provide books to a local school.  Plus, we’ll match donations book for book. 

Let's help families coping with unprecedented hardship have the spark of wonder, escape, and adventure. We believe books provide inspiration to dream, to learn, and to believe. Even a book can save someone, make a difference, and show our humanity to each other.

If there is a bright spot in the confusion and worry of these last few weeks, it is an appreciation for our sense of humanity to each other, including little kindnesses and gestures of well-being.

Update: 5/17 - We've recieved over 100 books for donation, with our matching contributions this is more than 200 books for schools! Help us reach our goal of 1,000 books to growing readers in our community.